Conditional hiding of fields? Is it possible? Will fields be hidden in a list of cards?

My idea is to have a system for users to easily build their own Work Instructions and SOPs.

Right now, I have two tables. In one the user creates the code for the document, the name of the document, and process or department that owns it, version, data is inserted automatically, etc.

Then here is another table for “steps”.

Idea is that each step will have a number (changing the number will reorder the steps), a description, who does that step, a two fields to add photos.

However, for the document to be more useful, it would be nice to add different things… like TITLES, WARNINGS, RISKS, Safety Equipment needed to perform that step.

My idea was that for each step, you chose from a list if the step was an ACTIVITY, a TITLE, a WARNING, a Safety Equipment Requirement, etc.

I can certainly use a CHOICE LIST for the type of step and based on it, change formatting of that step. So if I select a Safety Equipment Requirement, the description can be painted in YELLOW for example, with black font.

But I don´t necessarily want the photo fields to show, empty or not, when the step is a PPE requirement.

If I create a title, I only want the description to be shown.

Any way to do that?

(edit 1: I could swear I had read something, a post or help, about hiding fields from users. But I could not find it anymore)

(edit 2: I just realized conditional formatting options can´t be PRINTED when selecting print widget!! Bummer)