Conidtional style for date

Is there a way to have conditional style with date type ?
Is it on a roadmap or should I add one colum with calculation for each date to check ?

Conditional formatting had a bug for date columns that was fixed recently, and that fix was only just released. If you’re self hosting, pull the latest docker image or git commits. For, try a hard refresh.

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Confirm it is working on cloud.
I removed container and image on my local system

docker pull gristlabs/grist

docker run -p 8484:8484 -v $PWD/persist:/persist -it gristlabs/grist

I tried changing the persist mount point persitant
I tried new container with importing the file from cloud version
=> No change

Apparently the latest tag is updated daily but not immediately after every commit. Try:

docker pull gristlabs/grist:v0.7.7