Contact Form 7 (for wordpress) to Grist?

Anyone who’ve done this? I guess it is possible, at least trough Zapier?

I am not familiar with “Contact form”. How are you notified when a message is sent? I guess you get an email? If so, you should indeed be able to use software like Zapier or n8n to detect the receipt of these emails and trigger a workflow that would record the information in Grist.

Contact Form 7 is the most popular forms plugin for Wordpress, which is why I wondered if anyone had done it already.

Basic use of the plugin sends an email, yes, but it is also possible to save to database with various add-on plugins.

It would mean that I could use our webpage as an alternative to Google Forms.

Check out this, with specific support for Contact Form 7:

It doesn’t require any third-party integrator like Zapier. This is brand new, so please share if you get it working, or if you run into any issues!

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Thanks, I’ll test it.