Copy entire column


Is there any way to copy an entire column to another sheet? I used to do this in excel using arrays but can’t seem to find a way here.

I have a master sheet of inventory items that will have regular updates (additions/deletions/modifications). I want to use this same list in other reports to show balances etc. The challenge is that I want the list in the report to be automatically updated when any change is done in the inventory master list.

Thank you.


The typical way to do it in Grist would be to configure different views of the same table. Unlike Excel or Google Sheets, you can include the same table in different pages, and can decide what columns to show in each, as well as save sort & filter settings specific to the page.

Does this help your use case?

Thanks Dmitry. This solution works, but I am worried that as I build more and more views for the same database, it will get very slow. If you add all the views up, I will probably end up with one sheet with 400 odd columns. Will that continue to work properly?

You are right, 400 columns can make things slower, though if each view only has a few columns, it may be OK.

Perhaps better advice is to normalize data, i.e. if most columns have the same kind of data (e.g. you have column for each store with the count of inventory items in that store), then the advice from this post can help: How do I duplicate a page without it being tied to the original page? - #2 by dmitry-grist. The idea is to have one table for Stores, and a separate one for Inventory, with each inventory row having a Reference to a Store, a Reference to an Item, and a count.

Grist provides ways to link widgets, so that you can set up views e.g. where you select a store and see all the inventory there (this sounds close to what you are aiming for), or select an item and see its counts across stores.