CORS errors when using the API

I get CORS errors when I try to use the API. How can this be resolved?

Hi @Jerald_Hamilton.

Are you making API requests from a browser (e.g. a website that fetches data from Grist)? We currently limit API usage to non-browsers due to authentication via API key generally being unsuitable for web pages (the API key is sensitive, and would be visible in the page source).


@Jerald_Hamilton do you need to read data or also write ?

@georgegevoian maybe opening GET/OPTIONS and allowing to read a table through the API when public access is on can solve some simple scenarios ?

Hi @georgegevoian, I am making api requests from a low-code front-end dev platform called appygver ( - From what I see, it hides the API key from prying eyes but still expects to connect with a server that supports/allows cors.

Hi Yohan, I am doing both read and write. Thanks

Sorry guys, I’ve decided to use an API proxy. Thanks for the help

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