Counting more frequent group / couple

Counting more frequent group / couple

Hi Folks, I wonder if this amazing community could help me with something:

Suppose I do have two tables in a document:

With Columns

  • Destination
  • Travelers

With Column

  • Name

The refer to as a “reference list”

Thus, I can have the following Trips:

Rome | Eduardo, Dmitry
London| Anais, Natalie
Rio | Natalie, Eduardo
Miami | Anais
Berlin | Anais, Natalie
Monaco | Eduardo

The analysis that I need is which is the most frequent group/couple traveling together. A table like this will be great:

Anais, Natalie | 2
Natalie, Eduardo | 1
Eduardo, Dmitry | 1
Anais | 1
Eduardo | 1

Notice that Anais has done three trips, one alone and two with Natalie, and this is counted properly.

Is it possible inside GRIST?

Thanks in advance!


I suggest adding a column with this formula:

", ".join(sorted($Travelers.Name))

That will give a string like "Anais, Natalie". It’ll look similar to the reference list, but it being a string is important. Then make a summary table grouped by that formula column. Grouping by a reference list ‘flattens out’ each individual reference, which is often useful, but grouping by a string instead should give you what you need.

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Clever approach Alex!

Thanks! Next trip to Monaco you are going with me! :laughing:

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