Counting several fields in summary table?

Hey guys,

I’m new to Grist and trying to replicate a lot of what I do in Google spreadsheets. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m currently looking at.

This is a basic list of personal tasks. Top right I have months so I can use those to select data. Bottom left table is the problem. I want to see the number of late, early and on time tasks by month. That was straightforward, group by month and “timeline”. Then, use the top right table to select month and the data reflects correctly.

Now the issue is, I only want to see the number of “Done” tasks “Skipped” tasks in a given month. If I do group by “timeline” and “status”, that doesn’t really give me what I want.

What I want is a table that says something along the lines of:

Done: (number)
Skipped: (number)
Total: (number)

Late: (number)
Early: (number)
On Time: (number)
Total: (number)

Maybe spice it up with some “percentages” as well. In Google spreadsheets, I’d usually just create a new tab in the sheet and pull all of that data from the first sheet and format it the way I like. Having a bit of trouble doing that with Grist.

I know Grist was designed to be even more versatile then typical spreadsheets, so I’m sure I’m missing something here.

Would love some pointing in the right direction.



First of all, welcome to the Grist Community!

May you share a copy of your Grist document?

Sure, here you go:

Well, access denied. Please set it open.

Sorry, seem to still struggle with permissions. Here you go:

That should mean it’s open right?

Ok, it is done. See the counting example.

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Let me know if it is clear to you

Thanks, that is very helpful. I was having some trouble understanding the $group object and how to operate on it. Now I think your example has opened up many more use cases for me. Will go back to playing around with summary tables a bit more. Thank you so much!

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