Create AND filter

I have a field that has a choice list. There are 3 possible individual choices, 1NQ, 2NQ, 3NQ. It can also be a combination of any of the 3 for a total of 7. I’d like to be able to filter for the different combos, for example 1NQ 2NQ.

The normal filter dropdown is an OR filter. I’d like an AND filter. I could create a new filed where I combine the values and then filter on that… if I knew how to combine the choices into a single combo choice.

any help is appreciated

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You could make a column with the formula:

"1NQ" in $Instrument or "2NQ" in $Instrument

and then filter it for the value true.

Or you could use the formula:

" ".join($Instrument)

and then filter it for 1NQ 2NQ or 1NQ 2NQ 3NQ (i.e. tick both boxes).

Perfect. Thanks Alex