.CSV URL Export not for public tables

Hello Grist team!
We can export .csv as live datastream by url from API endpoint
To do this, we need to make the table public.
Please help, to somehow pass the user API key in the URL if I don’t want to make the table public? Is it possible?

Hi @BiBo

It’s not possible to pass the API key directly via the URL. A browser plugin or server you trust could maybe be used as a proxy to make the request (setting the API key in the request headers, as usual) and return the CSV.

Widget sharing isn’t currently possible without making a document public. Another thing you could try is keeping the document public and using Access Rules to limit the access of public users so that they can only read the table you want to expose with the CSV URL. Link keys are typically useful in such scenarios, but it doesn’t seem like they currently work with the download CSV endpoint (I need to confirm with the rest of the team, but I suspect this is a bug).

We built Grist Forms on top of a new sharing mechanism that allows for sharing parts of a document without needing to make the entire document public; there’s plans to expose that functionality to users so that they can share specific widgets in their documents via unique URLs (like forms), but I don’t have an ETA on when that’ll happen.


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This is great news! As far as I understand, we will be able to share / embed / csv/xlsx livestream simply by following a link (I think it will be a random UUID). We will wait for implementation.