Cursor gets "stuck" in markdown widget

I have a table, linked to a card. The card displays all the fields except “comment”.

When in the table with the cursor in the first column, called “title”, you can push the down arrow to scroll through the table and see all the fields for each row via the card. So far, so good…

Then, you hit a row that has a comment–it shows up very nicely in the markdown widget that gets its data from the hidden comments field of the card widget. (By the way, the same problem will happen if the markdown widget is linked to the comment field of the table.)

When the next row after one containing a comment does NOT have a comment, the cursor flashes in the markdown widget. You can’t push down arrow any more because the cursor can’t move in an empty text widget.

This is very annoying. Now, you have to click back into the row/column you are already at so that you can resume scrolling downward until the next hiccup.

This has to be a bug in the way linking to widgets works.


Thanks for reporting it. I’m able to reproduce this behavior (thanks for a detailed description). We will try to fix this.