Custom fields (not widgets)

Hi there,
I think it would be super-helpful if we could have more field flavours, and/or custom fields… For instance, we have a “date” field type and a “datetime”, but we lack a “time-only” field… and even if I choose a datetime field with a custom format and I leave the date format blank, the widget will still display both the calendar and the time picker. Or, sometimes I could use a 3-way toggle field type. Or, a limited integer field type, rendered as a slider, perhaps.
Another use case: a “text” field in a table at the moment can be rendered either with a textbox or a hyperlink display, but there’s no way to store-and-display formatted text (say, html or markdown) directly (without a dedicated widget, I mean).

Indeed, we do have custom widgets… but they are rather bulky and you have to add them in a page, separately from (say) the card widget displaying all the other fields of your record. Plus, a custom widget can only be linked to a single field, afaik.
Say you have 3 “text” fields in a table, all of them have to store/display markdown-formatted text. If not a proper markdown-flavored text field type, it would be great to have a multi-field-tracking markdown custom widget… This way, you could make a page with a card widget for all the fields, and a single “multi-purpose” markdown custom widget, so that when you clic on a field on your card, the markdown widget displays/edits the formatted text stored in that field, if applicable. It would still be a considerable waste of screen space, but I could work with something like this.
But I don’t think this is possible with the current widget api… or is it!?

I also vote for custom fields!
@Riccardo_Polignieri what about opening an issue on GitHub?

Uhm, don’t know about that… hope to hear from the developers first… I’m not even sure that something like this isn’t already possible, and I just missed a trick…
For instance, it seems weird to me that we can’t link a custom widget (like the already available markdown renderer) to more than one field… maybe I’m just missing something?..
Maybe in a few days, if we don’t have any news, I’ll take a step further and open a ticket, after delving a little more into the documentation myself…