Custom number format

Hi there!
I wanted to ask about adding a custom number format.
Right now we have the option between preselected currencies, comma, percentage and exponential. I’d love to see a “custom” option where you can add your own string to append (or prepend) to every numeric value.

This would just help in cleaning up how it looks when recording data that is not financial, for example… Data usage. It is of course possible to just record it as a number, and not append a string to it, but it is much easier to read this way.

The column can look like this, but still be read from as a numeric value rather than adding it as text.


Hi there!

I love this idea of adding a unit/label on to a number. Great idea for a future improvement.

If you’re looking to improve this from a data-entry perspective, you could make the Data Usage column a trigger formula column that automatically adds the unit onto an entered value, using the formula value + " MB" and apply on changes to the current column, Data Usage. Then, you could type 25 and the unit would automatically be added when you hit enter.

The column would have to be a Text column since it is a mix of alpha-numeric characters but hopefully would help from a data entry perspective.

I will share your idea to add a customizable label/unit option to numeric type columns with the team!


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