Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

TLDR; is it possible to customize Keyboard Shortcuts, perhaps via a plugin?

Hi! I’m scoping out Grist and love the spreadsheets-like UI. I’m used to slightly different shortcuts, so being able to customize navigation would help me get oriented more quickly. Specifically, in my case I’m used to CTRL+Left and CTRL+Right taking you to the left or right sides of a sequence of data-filled-cells, and/or to the front or end of a row. From the Shortcuts help page I see Home and End at least take care of the left and right sides of a row, and that CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down will navigate to the top and bottom of a sheet.

CTRL+Left and CTRL+Right seem to do in-app back and forth page navigation. I didn’t see that documented on the Shortcuts help page, but I’m using Firefox so unsure if that’s an edge case.

At any rate, I saw Shortcuts are defined here and was wondering if there was a way to customize them? Perhaps it’d be possible to hook into the groups via a plugin?