Data disappearing from table


I am bumping into an unexpected situation.

I originally created a table in Grist Electron, and was then loading data into it with a Python script. When launching Grist Electron again, I would first see on the screen the rows I had loaded in the table, but the cursor indicated Grist was working, then all rows would empty out.

I am able to reproduce this by simply:

  1. Creating a table in Grist Electron
  2. Filling in a couple of rows using SqliteStudio
  3. Launching Grist Electron again
  4. From Grist, I see the 2 rows, but they are empty
  5. From SqliteStudio, the rows are now empty, expect for the id.

I am attaching the screenshots showing the sequence of actions taken.

The application I am creating will have a good part of loading data into tables from Python scripts.

I do not understand the problem I am bumping into. Any input or workaround?

Thanks in advance!


1 Table created in Grist
2 table opened from Sqlitestudio
3 Some data filled in from Sqlitestudio
4 Open GristElectron again, rows are empty
5 Back to Sqlitestudio, rows are empty except id

Ah, sorry about this. I think what is happening is, when you first create a column without specifying a type, it is in an kind of uncommitted state, waiting for the first piece of data to decide what to become. That works fine in the UI, but looks like it doesn’t work if the first data is entered externally. If you were to enter say some numbers or strings in the columns, and then remove them, I think things would work fine. I just tried myself and that seems to be the case.

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Thanks a lot for the fast answer.

I tested the workaround, and it works.

Great, thank you!