Data in reference column went missing - Shows "RecordList..."

I created a reference column in my table and added multiple related references to another table and when I came back to work on it today most of those references disappeared and were replaced by a pink error-like message that reads like this:
RecordList([2], group_by=None, sort_by=None)

What could this mean? Is there a way to get this to display normally again?

I thought that maybe the references disappeared because I changed the names of the tables, but after testing this theory I’m not sure that is what happened. After adding another reference column and values to those records, then changing the table names again, the references stayed in tact, however, when I changed the table the column was referencing the references did disappear, although the text values of them were maintained. When switching back to the correct reference table only some of the values reconnected and the others remained as text. Curious behavior. I’d like to get to the bottom of this so I can assess whether Grist is going to be an acceptable alternative to Airtable for our company.

Hi there,

Could you share your document with as OWNER and let me know what table and columns had the issue and I can take a closer look to see what might have happened.