Date filter incorrect

I’ve got a simple table with two columns, a date/time and a text field. I have date/time values like this in the “Time” field:
Screenshot -Safari2023-10-24 at 13.55.40

When I go to apply a filter on that column for “Today”, it shows values from yesterday.

The filter has “Today” in both values.

What am I doing wrong?

It looks like the date filter is using your browser’s timezone, rather than that of the column.

Hmm how do I fix it? Do I need to add TZ data to the column?

This doesn’t make any sense to me. I set the Time zone for the column as my own current time zone. The filter is selecting yesterday as today.

Yes, this is a bug that goes deeper than that and needs to be fixed either way. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, I understand. What seems to work for me is to create another column called Date that’s just a formula of the first column (the “time” column) but formatted as YYYY-MM-DD and then filter on that column instead.