Dealing with larger text blocks

Hello again!
I have a CRM and I would like to log the emails that I send to clients. It is easy enough to have a text field that I copy and paste the list of email into, but it creates a large block of text and is cumbersome when scrolling through the rows (As seen in row 54). Is there a better way to log and update larger text blocks?

This is a good case for Same Record Linking:

  1. Hide the Comments column from your table widget.
  2. Add another widget to the same page, based on the same table.
  3. Set the new widget type to Card.
  4. Hide all fields in the new Card widget except Comments.
  5. Set the Card to ‘Select By’ the table.

Now your table is nice and compact but the card will show the full Comments text for whichever record you select in the table.

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Oh nice! It worked well, thank you!