Dinamic column based on another table

Is it possible to have dynamic column? I mean I would like to have a table with all the technicians (name, internal/external) and have a table where I have some fixed column (date, place, job, description) and some other that are base on the technician table (to show only the internal or only the external technicians).

I think you’re looking for reference lookups and filtering. Here is an example (example 2): Reference Look Up - Grist

  1. There is a table of technicians with two columns: Technician and Int/Ext which labels each technician as internal or external.
  2. There is a table of Placements with details about jobs performed by technicians. It has Date, Place, Job, Technician and Int/Ext columns. The Technician column is a reference column to the Technicians table. It relates each Placement row to a technician in the Technician table. Learn more about reference columns: Reference columns - Grist Help Center
  3. Now that each Placement record is related to a technician, we can perform a reference lookup to automatically lookup if the technician is internal or external. The formula syntax is $RefColumn.FieldToLookUp. In this case, $Technician.Int_Ext. This is also possible to do through the UI. There is more about this in the link above.
  4. Now I can filter this table by the Int/Ext column to show only placements assigned to technicians who are internal or external.

Mmm…maybe I’ve not understood your reply, or maybe I poorly wrote the request.
I don’t need a reference value inside the column, I need the column itself to be dynamic.
In a moment I want to see only the 5 column one for each of our internal technician, in a moment I need to see those same column plus other 20 column of external technician.