Display only 1 line of a multiline cell

Hi there!
Thought I’d make a post since I can’t see any mention of this.
I wanted to see if it were possible to display multiline cells as a single cell.
Example of what I believe would make a good addition.

cell A1 is what the information is in the field, Cell A2 is how it should be able to be displayed.

I feel like a good place for such a feature is adding it next to the “wrap” button here:

Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback! Another user had requested the ability to expand/collapse data in a cell to a single line. With this idea, you would only see the first line of text (“1 line”) then an arrow to expand. Click the arrow then you’d see all three lines of text. Is this useful to you or is it important to see all the data (“1line2 line 3line”), just collapsed into a single line?


Ah my mistake, I did not find any when I was searching.
No, that would be absolutely fine to have an arrow to expand/collapse it.
The thought of showing all information such as above was just an idea I had based on how another program I use does it.
I’d be happy with any solution :slight_smile: You can consider this a duplicate feature request in that case.

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Hi Natalie. My two cents on this issue… the OP shows a table.

But this option should be available to cards as well (and future forms).

Right now, all fields in a card are single lines. And those lines expand downward as text and line breaks are added.

If this feature is also added to CARDS, then it should be possible to expand fields downward.

I mean… all fields that WILL NOT EXPAND automatically, should have a default number of lines set when creating the layout.

So I create a field for name. I want it one line only. If the person has a really long name like “Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Giuseppe Pietro Arcangelo Alfredo Cartoffoli” then too bad, only a part of the name will appear.

But then I have a Biography field, and I want to give this field the space for 5 lines of text. 1 line is too little for a biography field. But I don´t want more than 5 so it will also avoid really long bios to screw up the card layout.

Know what I mean?