DIY multiplication flash cards

In preparation for NYS Math State tests coming up, my 3rd grader could use help remembering multiplication facts. So I put together this little spreadsheet with a “mailing-label widget”, which – if you print it double-sided – will give a single page of 80 paper flashcards, for facts from 2x2 to 10x10.

Just print double-sided (thicker paper is best), then cut carefully, and you’ll have a full stack of flash cards. To Print, use the “Print Widget” option:

The interesting Grist trick was to reorder the items for the front of the cards, and the items for the back of the cards, so that each row of 4 cards is reversed. Otherwise multiplication questions and answers don’t align. Be sure to check that they do when you print (e.g. flip on long edge for double-sided). It wouldn’t help to learn WRONG multiplication facts! :wink: