Docker Installation - SSH Tunnel - Failed to Fetch

I’m trying to self install a docker installation and access the Grist application via an ssh port forward so that I don’t have to expose the Grist application to the internet.

I’ve used the standard docker command to start the Grist app using port 8484. My local forward port is 8888. I access the site by using localhost:8888 which redirects me to 8484.

I keep getting the ‘Failed to Fetch’ error. Anyone know if there is a configuration setting to get this setup to work?



Hi @Denis, if you haven’t already, the first thing I’d try is setting the APP_HOME_URL environment variable:

In your case, if in your browser you will be accessing Grist as localhost:8888, then you’d want APP_HOME_URL to be http://localhost:8888.

Paul - Thanks for the quick response. This resolved my issue. Looking forward to learning Grist.

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If use either a dynamic ssh tunnel (so socks but that has the disadvantages of reconfigure the browser) or wireguard vpn for external access.