Double sort using lookupRecords

I need to peform a 2 field sort in the formula below in case there are 2 records with the same TradeDateTime value . How do I sort by more than 1 field?

rows = Trades.lookupRecords(Date=$Date, sort_by = 'TradeDateTime')

I tried then_by but thats not a thing :wink:

And Google was no help

Sorry, this isn’t quite available yet, but it is actually in the works, and will be available shortly! (perhaps in a week or two)

As a temporary work-around, you could make a new formula column and concatenate the two fields you want to sort by. Then you just need to sort by the concatenated field.

thanks Bill. That’s what I did, but concatenated fields don’t always sort the way I want especially since in this case its a DateTime field and a Text field. I’m looking forward to the new capability