Download as CSV problems

Hi there,

I have a column which is a “free note”, and I commonly use comma (",") in the notes. Thus, when I use the “Download as CSV” it causes many problems, as you may imagine.

Therefore, I wonder if there is another option, or better, have an option to download as a tab-separated values (TSV) file.



Hi @Eduardo_Dalcin – the “Download as CSV” option should be quoting values with commas according to standard rules, so that Excel and other software or libraries that deal with CSV files can open them with no issues.

Are you seeing incorrect quoting (e.g. downloaded CSV files not opening correctly in Excel)? Or do you use a tool that doesn’t handle quoting, and so TSV format is more convenient?

Also, are you hoping for an option in the UI for downloading TSV, or an API endpoint?