Duplicate Table?

Is there an easy way to duplicate a table structure, with or without the data, inside one project?

A couple of times I’ve added a new table and thought it has a lot of similar fields to an existing one and it would be quick to just duplicate but I can’t find a way to do it.


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Hi Mark,

Making a new, separate copy of a table’s data is definitely something we plan on adding.

When you have multiple sets of data with the same structure, we recommend keeping it all in a single table and creating a field that differentiates each subset of data. Read more at the forum post linked below:

There may be a few cases where this is not the best option. You can export a table as CSV then re-import it into your document as a new table. This will duplicate the structure of your data. You will need to add any formulas and set up column types after importing. If you have any choice / choice list columns, you can copy the choice items from the original table then paste them into the column configuration panel on the new table. This makes setup much easier, especially if you have color-coded your choices as it will copy the formatting as well.