Duplicate Table

I messed up. Here is what I did:

  1. Duplicate Table
    a) The Duplicated Table showed at the bottom of my tables on the left hand side
    b) I renamed the table, changed the field column headings and that sort of thing.
    c) Moved the newly duplicated table where I wanted it on the left hand side.
    d) All seemed GREAT. BUT…
  2. I looked at the table that I Duplicated the above table from. Grrr…
    a) The original Table has the original name on the left hand side, but… the actual table name and all the column headings are now of the newly created Duplicated Table in #1 above. Wow!
  3. I went to the Table or Card and looked at the Change Widget.
    a) The names of the original Table which that I Duplicated from are no longer available to select to change the widget of the original table back to the original widget.
  4. I went on the left side of my GetGrist screen Document History.
    a) I printed each widget prior to the above changes, so that I know what column headings I need to change back to.

Both the new Duplicate Table and the Duplicated From (original) table will change exactly what I change on one form. Meaning what I do on one form makes those changes on the other form.

How do I:
make each of those forms independant of each other, so that I can restore the correct column headings and settings to the original table?

I suspect that Duplication of the table duplicates the settings, structure and contents?

If so, then that means that I have an exact copy of the original table, rather than a separate and distinct table, right? If so, my bad. That is what Duplicate means. Exact Copy.

If the above is true, then I would perhaps

  • want to go to the History and create a csv of the original table before I did the duplicate table and changed the fields.
  • Then do a csv of the table that I just created from the duplication and then changed the column headings. Then create a new table by importing in the CSV. Correct?

is there a better way?

Is there a way to create a duplicate structure, but not the same table as in contents, table name, etc?

How can I restore one table to its original settings, without messing up other tables which are correct?

What you are describing sounds like you duplicated a page, rather than duplicated a table.

In Grist, the same underlying data can be shown in different types of widget and in any number of pages. For most purposes, it’s best to keep a single table and create different views of it. But sometimes you need to make a copy of the underlying data table. For that, there is a Duplicate Table option in the Raw Data page: