Edit cell value from another table?

Hi there!
Let’s say I have:
Table called “Contacts” containing Persons and their contact details.
Table called “Calls” containing call records to each person.

Contacts would contain:
Name, email, phone, address etc etc etc

Calls would contain:
Referenced details from Contacts, plus other details like what happened on the call, call date, etc etc.

Let’s say we call a contact and they say they’ve moved offices.
The only way I know how to change the Contact address would be to open the Contacts page, and edit it from there.
Is there a way to do this from the Calls table?

To ask another way, is there a way to edit the value of a cell from another table?

Along with the calls table insert a selected contacts table widget for calls. You should be able to change the contact details during the call on the same screen.

See attached my page where all calls, whatsapp messages and emails get stored. I added some widgets to the page, 1 for contacts, 1 for company and 1 for all messages I received before. If contact or company is known, the card with details is shown and I can change it. I can also filter (search for a contact) and add details (lets say phonenumber) so I can match next calls automatically.

Thank you for this!
I did not realize that it’s possible to simple add the same table, but with “select by” to have the other table open in the current page.
I was creating “new” tables in the page with references to the other table. Way overcomplicating things! Thank you.