Error manipulating data: [Sandbox] KeyError

Hi, for some reason this API endpoint:


to list metadata of all attachments in a doc works ok without the filter option. But, when trying the filter option, it gives the error: Error manipulating data: [Sandbox] KeyError 'Hankenumero'.

The column name is correctly copied from Grist and input without the $ sign.

This makes me wonder what the issue could be?


I suspect the documentation of the filter option for the attachments endpoint is misleading (or incomplete). If it supports filters, the fields you can filter on are probably the fields of the special table _grist_Attachments, which you can see listed in the output of this API call.

Ah, ok. I see. Good to know :+1: Thank you.

Also. I just figured out that the existing table which we can read via Grist API already carries the needed Attachment IDs, they are the second values in that array:


So, problem got solved here.