Ever wish spreadsheet formulas were... easy? This AI Formula Generation experiment might grant your wish!

One of the biggest hurdles for spreadsheet users is formulas. Figuring out the right formula for the user’s need can be a daunting process, filled with friction.

Today, AI has become helpful in many aspects of our lives - from personal to professional. Our R&D team was curious whether Grist could solve spreadsheets’ formula issues using AI. The following is some of what inspired us to run our experiment in AI Formula Generation.

While other AI formula tools are currently available, we identified two areas of opportunity where we thought Grist could shine. On the one hand, we knew that AI and Python are strong allies, which was one opportunity, given Grist’s unique use of Python-based formulas. The other opportunity was regarding Grist’s inherent structure. Our clear structure, with named tables, columns, and relationships between them, well, unlike traditional spreadsheets, Grist is essentially a relational database.

To read about the experiment, learn how to try it out, and participate in a poll that could decide its future as a potential feature, head to our blog: AI Formula Generation - Solving Spreadsheets' Biggest Headache

Please let us know your thoughts!


Hello! In regard to AI and the enormous uptake of ChatGPT, do you see GRIST rolling out the integration of AI to the formula creation etc?

@Leon some back-end support for AI-assisted formula generation landed recently: (core) Porting back AI formula backend · gristlabs/grist-core@6e3f0f2 · GitHub and some front-end work is underway. No promises about timeline to a released feature. Would you be interested in testing out a preview when we have one?

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Sure! Anything to help Grist grow and prosper!