Extra spaces at all

Hi folks!

I have this formula:

CONCAT($A," “,$B,” ",$C)

When I don’t have a value for $B, the result is an extra space between $A and $C

There is any way to remove it?

Thanks in advance!


You could use a conditional:

if $B != '':
  CONCAT($A," ",$B," ",$C)
  CONCAT($A," ",$C)

Beautiful! Thanks!

But I need a “return” somewhere?

Oh, right. I tested it, realized I needed to put in returns, put in the returns when I was testing, and then forgot to update the code here :man_facepalming:

if $B != '':
  return CONCAT($A," ",$B," ",$C)
  return CONCAT($A," ",$C)

Thanks! I got this:

if $infraspecificEpithet != '':
 nome= CONCAT($genus," ",$specificEpithet," ",$taxonRank," ",$infraspecificEpithet," ",$scientificNameAuthorship)
 nome= CONCAT($genus," ",$specificEpithet," ",$scientificNameAuthorship)
return nome
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Another way

list = []
a = IF($A!='',list.append($A),None)
b = IF($B!='',list.append($B),None)
c = IF($C!='',list.append($C),None)
return ' '.join(list)

If you need change separator is only one point
return ', '.join(list)