Feature Request - Column Sort by Label Order

When sorting a Choice column, it’d be great if we can sort by the label order (assigned by the user), not just alphabetically.

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Ooh, makes sense! Thanks for sharing the idea.

You can do this by hacking into Grist with an extra formula like this:

import json
column = _grist_Tables_column.lookupOne(tableId="Table2", colId="A")

This gives the position of $A within the choices of the column A in Table2, so you can sort by that.


Thanks, but somehow I can’t make it work…

Here’s a demo: Grist

Screenshot from 2021-09-09 20-23-13

I think I’m doing exactly that, but it’s still not sorting… by the way, can you please make the formula “box” bigger?

grist choices

  1. The formula I gave will only work for Choice columns. A different formula is needed for Choice List columns. What do you need?
  2. The formula needs to be in a separate column from the Choice column. It returns a number which is the position of the choice. That’s the column to sort by. You’ve put the formula in the same column which means something different (Intro to formulas - Grist Help Center)

This is why I requested a feature that a layperson can use. Not a developer here… :rofl:

Update: @school

You can now sort a Choice column by the label order in the choice editor. When sorting a Choice column, click on the three dots to open a menu of additional features. “Use choice position” sorts by label order.