Feature Request - Create Referenced Item with "Enter"

Is it possible to change the keybindings when typing in a new reference/choice item so pressing “Enter” will generate the new item rather than needing to physically click the “+” button at the bottom of the list?

It would (hopefully) be a small change with a massive benefit to user friendliness.

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How about a different key binding?

The downside to having “Enter” create a new item is that it will create items for typos or other errors that should not be added as items in the referenced table. Depending on how a document is set up, it can do so without the user realizing it and create additional problems as users select the correct and misspelled referenced records in the future.

One idea, what if tab moved the highlighted choice to the “+” option in the referenced records list, then click enter. That way it’s more intentional.


That sounds like it would work great! Really, I’m just looking for any option other than having to take my hands off the keyboard, find where the mouse pointer is, move it to the end of an ever changing list, and making sure I don’t miss the “+” button.

It’s a huge annoyance when I mistakenly hit “enter” and I’m left with the red-outlined item just taunting me like “Haha, looks like you messed up again!”.

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