Feature request: Create sorting / filter "presets" for table widgets

When looking at data in a table, I often use different combinations of filters and sorting on the same data depending on what I’m trying to do at the moment. I could create additional pages with table widgets set for each common combination but this would quickly get clunky and cluttered.

It would be great if I could save these combinations to make presets that I could select from a dropdown list. This list of presets would be uniquely tied to each table widget and not shared with other table widgets looking at the same data.

This way, I could create table widgets that bread down my data into my major common uses and then use the presets for more specific filtering depending on exactly what I’m trying to do at the moment.

This would be nice, I agree. One workaround is to create a formula column of type ChoiceList, with the values that are essentially your presets. Then add a filter button for that new column: the different values under that button would be the different presets.

For example, let’s say you have tasks, and would like to see sometimes tasks for “Today”, sometimes, for “Coming Week”, sometime “Recently Completed”, and sometimes, “All Open”. You could have a ChoiceList column named, say, “Tag”, with a formula like this:

choices = []
if $Date == TODAY():
if TODAY() <= $Date <= DATEADD(TODAY(), days=7):
  choices.add("Coming Week")
if $Status == "Completed" and $Date > DATEADD(TODAY(), days=-7):
  choices.add("Recently Completed")
if $Status == "Open":
  choices.add("All Open")
return choices

Add all the possible choices into the configuration of this column. Each row may then contain multiple values (meaning that it matches more than one of these “presets”). And the filter button will allow you to select any of these values from the same place, to see just the tasks that match this tag.