Feature Request: Custom API

This is very much a wish list request rather than a near-term thing but I thought I’d put it out there. I’m working on an Asset tracking database which has a companion mobile app for scanning barcodes and a few other activities.

One of the technologies I evaluated for this was Anvil. (https://anvil.works/) I gave up on Anvil because I couldn’t get the performance I needed but they did have one cool feature I miss. You could write bits of Python, and expose them as REST GET or POST endpoints. (Anvil Docs | Creating HTTP APIs) which meant if you need to update more than one table or do some validation or calculation for a certain business action or query that logic can live near the database rather than having to be in the mobile app. It makes the app cleaner, the database more robust and reduces the number of API calls needed.

Maybe something to think about one day.