Feature Request - Editable Choices

Hi, can you please make the “Choice” text label editable? Right now, every time a label needs to be updated, you have to create a new one and then reformat the colors and order. Thanks!


YES! This is one of my biggest frustrations at the moment! Sometimes you’ve not named the label accurately and need to add more details, or sometimes just a spelling mistake! :slight_smile:

Plus… Auto colour the colours! It’s so frustrating to edit the colours one by one.


Great suggestions! Thank you for your feedback.

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BTW, this is possible now! There’s a gif of this in the October newsletter here: 2021/10 - Grist Help Center

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Wait, the choices can be edited, but the actual choice already made in the table are not changed accordingly. So you have to go through every single one in the table to change them. It defeats the purpose of this feature, right?

Editing the choices in the configuration in the right panel should also update all the choices in the actual table to match. I’ve just checked and this still works for me for Choice and ChoiceList columns.

However, as with all other changes to the choices configuration, you have to explicitly click ‘Save’. Clicking outside the choices configuration editor doesn’t save your changes. This is a more general problem that we’ve been thinking about fixing as it’s pretty confusing.

If editing choices is definitely not working correctly for you even after clicking Save, that sounds like a serious bug, please share more details so we can reproduce and fix it.

You’re right. It does change the label in the column. My bad.

The problem I had seems to be caused by the filter. So the label the filter is looking for is not updated. The filter is still looking for the old label and so none of them passed. It changed my spreadsheet completely and that was confusing.

Now it’s a smaller problem. I only have to change the filter once. Phew. Sorry for the false alarm. Still, it would be great to update that at some point. Thank you!

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Ah yes, it should update the filters. Thanks for the bug report!