Feature Request - Search Mode Enhancement

1- Current page (Available) with header of table’s collumn (not available)
2- All tables of project (not available)
3- All tables of all project (not available)

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Good ideas!

Btw, #2 is possible. There’s a checkmark just beneath the search bar that you may select to search all pages (and tables) in a document.

For your first idea, searching current page with header of table’s column, how do you expect this to behave? On a page, you may have multiple widgets that are expressing the same table’s data in different views. Are you hoping to only search within a particular widget?

Oh, that reminds me of one more tip. When you’re filtering a column, the filter may also work as a search for that column. There’s a little search bar above the filter.


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Ahh… thank you, I didn’t see the “search all page” check box, it’s so small and hidden in my phone
I am using safari, iphone 7 plus

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