[Feature request] Support for color scales in conditional formatting

Hello there! Today I learned about Grist, thank you for this user-friendly and fairly powerful product. As an experiment, I tried migrating a couple of Google spreadsheets into Grist, and noticed the lack of “color-scale” conditional formatting:

I would love to see this feature in Grist tables - it makes numerical data so easier to grasp, especially percentages.


For context, there is also this “bar” kind of visualization as in Power BI:


But in my opinion, color scales are much more useful. I can however see a few use cases when bars would be preferable – slight differences in bar length might be easier to perceive than a slight difference in background color.

(side note: Power BI is a pretty good example for flexible conditional formatting options)

Continuing the topic of bar visualization, in Google Sheets it can be imitated with SPARKLINE’s, but of course, in this case it occupies a separate cell, which might be less convenient than formatting applied to this very cell / row:


There are sparklines anywhere for those with the eyes to see… :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside, this is great feedback! These kinds of at-a-glance visualizations are very helpful.

eh? How do you do that? Or am I missing the joke?

@Rogerio_Penna Simple, Unicode characters

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I love @Evgeny’s simple solution, but mine was just:

chars = 10
total = int($A + $B)
lines = int(round(($A/total)*chars))
output = ""
for x in range(lines):
  output += "▓"
  chars -= 1
for x in range(chars):
  output += "░"
return output