Feature suggestion: Copy column formatting

Not really a must, but could improve the user experience.

I have created a table with 5-10 columns formatted as int with EUR characters and zero decimal places, and I have to select all of them each time. That’s fine, but thinking further, it could also include some colors/backgrounds or even conditional formatting that you will be thankful to be able to copy and paste those settings to another column.


Love this idea! It is something I’d find useful too.

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Yes! I’m just learning my way around and trying to practice the D.R.Y. principle. Similar to Konstantin’s issue, I can’t figure out how to apply a format to multiple selected columns (ie: Date–>MM/DD/YYYY–>centered, on 6 similar date columns). Unless there is a way I’m unaware of, format changes will only apply to first selected column.
Additionally, it would be nice if referenced cells could also retain their formatting since the reference is usually where I am visualizing the data. Although I can reformat the referenced column to match, it is another duplicated effort.


Welcome to the forum! These are great suggestions. I also find myself wanting reference columns to be formatted in the same way as the reference, especially with colorful choice columns!

I’ve made a note of these feature requests. It’s too soon to give an ETA on when they’ll be ready, but it’s definitely something we plan on implementing.

Newly released hidden feature: if you copy cells from a column and paste them into a new completely empty column, the column’s type and options will be copied. There’s a couple of exceptions for now: Text column options and conditional formatting options are not copied. But numeric/date formatting options, unconditional cell colors, and choice configurations are all copied.