FILTER BY RANGE for Date column

Hey :sunglasses:,
I didn’t get how to use the filter by range for dates column ?
And can we filter for example with the expression NOW to make the list always showing the today list.
Or we should add a formula in a new column ?

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Hi Sao,

(Grist dev here…)

  1. In the current version, range filtering a Date column only support typing in the date.
  2. We are actively working at releasing features that’ll make it better, which includes a datepicker and a relative range picker that let you specify relative range such as Last 3 months, Next 4 years or also This week, stay tuned …
  3. Keep in mind that while typing in the date, the filter guesses the date based on the date format of the column. For instance if date format was YY-MM-DD you could type in 2022-07-02 which is often shorter that typing the full date.