Filters work to receive new content that matches, but content that stops matching does not disappear (Kanban style view test)

I run across this weird and imho, buggy behavior, when trying to create a Kanban board. Basically, four views of the same table, each view filtering for a single List Option of column task

When I change the Task

the “card” gets duplicated, because it appears under the It Preparation task filter, but it did not disappear from the Training task filter

Any insight into that?

As far as I know, this is the expected behavior for now.

I ran into a similar issue with todo list items not disappearing from a filtered view when I checked them “done”.

Grist told me that they have it set up so that changing a row will exclude that row from the view filter until you refresh the page.

The idea is that it will be less jarring (in general) for users if the row they are making changes to doesn’t just suddenly disappear if they change something that affects the filter.

I agree with you, though, that there are definitely times when the user expects the row to disappear after making a change.

Should be a behavior checkmark or list in the Column Tab. Or in the Filter.

  • refresh to change filtered views
  • filtered views refreshed with any change of data

I understand why they did that. Grist saves changes all the time you change something. In most systems, after changing data, you would have to click save for the change to occur and the filterred view to change and the item disappear.