Flummoxed: master table and subtable: one to many

This should be simple but it doesn’t match any of the shown examples and I can’t see how to set it up.

One table consists of Routine Maintenance Tasks.

A second table contains a row for each routine maintenance task that has been scheduled (and ultimately performed). This is the work table. Each row is an instance for one of the tasks. Overtime, each routine task ought to be scheduled and performed many times.

To start, a list of the routine maintenance tasks is created. Once setup this rarely changes. Then, we want to schedule work for each task in a record that contains the scheduled date, person assigned and other tracking columns.

Desired behavior:

  1. Somehow, click on one of the routine maintenance tasks. This should create an instance of the task in the work table.
  2. Fill in the new row with scheduled date and person assigned, maybe some comments.
  3. Someone does the work and marks it complete and the date completed. Maybe, updating the comments.

Simple, right? But there is no way I can see to cause an action in a row of one table (without creating a new row in the starting table) to create a row in another table.

The work rows are subitems of the task row.

How should I do this?

It sounds like you want widget linking. Ensure that the work table has a column which is a reference to the tasks table. In the configuration for the work table widget, ‘select by’ the tasks table widget. Then when you select a row in the tasks table, the work table will be filtered to only show instances of the selected task. Now when you create a new row in the work table (e.g. by filling in person or date) it will automatically fill in the task reference with the selected task.

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