Formula with selected cell


I want to calculate “montants” using an information in a cell:

I have three tables:

  • a table “magasin” with several names,
  • a table “summary of a Fec” with the “magasin” (in reference), the month and the “type” (in reference to the table “Type”),
  • a table “type”.
    And I want in my table “Type” the amount of “montant” for each month and each magasin.

I succeed to have the total (without the “magasin”) but not with the “magasin”.

How I could do that?

Thank you in advance!

Could you please share a link to a sample on, with at least read access to everyone, to understand better what you intend?

Here is the link:

You will see that the reference “magasin” in the table “FEC” is not always filled.
If it is blank I would like to multiplicate by the “TAUX” in the table “Magasin”.

Is this what you intend? I have changed MagasinFec in FEC to a reference list, and added a MontantMags that calculates the “pro-rata” for each operation. When a column is defined as a Reference list, using it for summary tables gives one line for each element of the list. Then I could define a MontantMag in the summary table by month (instead of a MontantMag<MAGASIN> for each <MAGASIN>), and use it in the global summary table.

If you want, you could define MAGASIN as a selector for FEC [by MagasinFec, TypeFec].

Thank you for looking to my issue!

This not really what I want. I add to your solution an indentation but there are rows in the table “Type” which are empty but needed.
We must (I believe) use the table Type.
In the table “Type” in columns TotalDeno and Total, you will have an idea of what I want filtered by month and by Magasin.

I think I don’t understand all you expect. Would this be something like what you need, or did I understand bad?

Thank you for your answer,

My need is to have:
the datas of Spa when I select Spa, the datas of Boutique when I select boutique. and the sum of both data when I select both magasin or none.
For example in the sheet “Resultat Mag” I added a new column “Total1” which calculate the result for the first month for both magasin. I would like to have that for each month and each magasin

Is that clearer for you ?

It’s clearer. The problem here is that grist doesn’t take in account multiple selection in a selector table. I think it would be necessary to add a checkbox column to define selections.

I’m not sure to understand your solution.
I made a sheet copy 2 and I inserted a column with chekbox in the table “magasin”.
Do you think it is possible to make a formula with the checked magasin?

Is it OK like that?

Thank you again,

That sounds very good! Thank you.