FR: bidirectional linking of widgets

It seems like linking widgets can only be done in one direction right now. It would be very handy to be able to link two widgets bidirectionally, so that they stay in sync.

Example use-case: I have a table of records linked to a card widget. When on desktop, I want to be able to click any row in the table and have it show up in the card widget. When I’m on mobile and the view is limited, I’d like to have the card view focused and navigate to next/previous records with the arrow buttons, but still be able to open the table widget and see the record in context.

A bidirectional link might not make sense in all contexts, but when both widgets are displaying a single record it would be useful.

Hi @SamK, I believe @Janet_Vorobyeva is working on enabling certain forms of bidirectional linking as we speak. I think it will cover your (very reasonable) use-case, so watch this space :slight_smile: