Get current filter value in a table widget?

Hi ,
assuming I create a filter on Fruit column in a table widget and set its value as “Apple”, Is there a formula can get current widget filter value “Apple”.


Hi @7c9zfztk.

There isn’t currently a way to access information about filters in formulas. Note that filters are specific to each widget of a table, so there could potentially be multiple widgets that are all filtering the same table’s column; if there were a way to access the filter in a formula, it would also require explicitly specifying which widget’s filter to access.

Is there a specific use case you had in mind for a formula that can access filters?

Hi @georgegevoian ,
In notion database, when I set Status as “To Do”, Project as “A”, Prioirty as “High”,
Then I can create a new row with default value on Status(“To Do”), Project(“A”), Priority Columns(“High”).

If I can directly access widget filter value by formulas, that I can create a new row with multiple default values set by trigger formulas according to filtered values.