Grist New Feature Release

The DSV (DOO Separated Value) format is an important improvement to CSV, and is now supported for both importing and exporting by Grist.

DSV uses a special character from the Unicode astral plane as a separator, to better protect the integrity of your data. With CSV, an import by carelessly written software can result in subtle data mangling that you may not notice until it is too late. With DSV, the same software is likely to fail completely and obviously, so you won’t be left with a false sense of security.

Reference: How to fix CSV? Make it even more image


And it actually works!
E.g. you can import this right into Grist: onelinefun.dsv (247.9 KB)


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I tested it and it was a real game changer. As soon as I started exporting in this format, my kids started doing all their chores without needing to be asked. My 9 year old suddenly learned calculus and my 4 year old is doing quadratic equations!

I transfered one of these to my cleaning robot, and now it cleans the house, prepares coffee, washes the windows and cleans itself.

Also my boss offered me a promotion. He basically said “You should take my place.” All thanks to Unicode Astral Plane.

It obviously connects directly to the scientifically validated astrology charts in order to change your life.