Grist views - Option to switch to a layout with overflow

Hello Grist !

Is there a way to configure a grist view to be scrollable instead to be stuck to the default 100% height layout ? It would allow to put a lot more widgets vertically, in cases when scrolling is not a problem. I have a first use case : creating a view to organise tasks in sections like the Asana table view (

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Well, single widgets are scrollable. I suppose that if my suggestion of widgets inside widgets was made, it would already allow that by default. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response, @Rogerio_Penna.

I’m contemplating a more straightforward approach, such as a layout selector or a simple activatable option. This would enable the stacking of multiple widgets on top of each other. Not all use cases require everything to fit within a 100% window height.

@paul-grist, do you have any insights or thoughts on this matter?

Thank you."

I know the topic comes up from time to time, but the conversation becomes quite complex (more than removing some 100% height css). You could perhaps talk with Lucie Sébille ( who is currently working on some UI/UX projects for Grist to see if it is on her radar?

Thank you for the contact information, Paul.