Grist X Supabase low level connection?

Don’t get me wrong - Grist is fantastic for all it is meant for. Even beyond. Yet, there are reasons to think that for some larger use cases the Grist technology could be added on top of Supabase PostgreSQL.

Supabase is what a cloud service needs: a Postgres database, Authentication, instant APIs, Edge Functions, Realtime subscriptions, Storage, and Vector embeddings. Grist is great on controlling data in table like format. Together they could form something unique for the market.

What I’m wondering is weather there was a clever way to link the the databases/ tables on a low level? In essence - would it be at all possible and if, what would it take to let Grist use Supabase PostgreSQL directly? SB has a built-in table editor but it lacks most of what Grist has.

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