"HACK my project" idea

I’m not sure how to share a copy of the project i’ve made, but it would be great to post it here and instead of asking specific questions, just see what others can do with the data and pages we have created.

When we are new, some things seem simple but are complex and other things we cant even imagine are super easy and quick for a pro to throw together.

So, step one, how do I share a copy along with a copy of my data? None of it is top secret private.

Would be cool if there was a way to group all the ideas in a workspace and compare what has been done.

is your project hosted on the Grist servers? Or are you self hosting?

Here you go kids. I trust this group not to destroy anything, just see what you would change if it was yours. I’m havent got to charts, graphs or reports but that would be really awesome. Have fun and if it breaks we can try again.