Head() or str() type functions

Does Grist support any types of summary functions? When dealing with big tables it would be great to be able to get an overview, count, etc of the data that makes up the table. Is this possible?

Hey, Yes. there is a summary table. Check out this playlist: Summary Tables - Tutorial Overview - YouTube


@Tareq_Sojol Thank you. But I’m not referring to summary tables, I’m referring to summary functions like the head() or str() functions in R, or the info() function in Python. I know that the Code tab now provides schema info which is close, but It would be nice to get other previews of table data.

@dmitry-grist am I way off with this one?

It makes sense. There aren’t such functions available now. You can see the first few rows (as in head()) in the new Raw Data page. You can see the list of columns with types in the Code View page. But there isn’t a concise overview, yet.

The Raw Data page would be a good place to bring together such overviews – do you agree?

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I can see in being used in the Raw Data page or Code. With Code it seems more consistent if it’s going to be in a array type format. I can see the column and row totals being included.

With the Raw Data view it would be amazing to be able to download all the sheets in the document as one sheet.