Help with selectors

Thoughts on how the widget selector works. Currently you have to set the selector for each widget, which means that widget will only work when the appropriate selector is clicked on. So if i have a table relationship structure of:
House / Room / Furnishings

and the selector for Room is House and the selector for Furnishings is Room. I can only see Furnishings one Room at a time. Is it possible to Select the House and see all Furnishings for all the Rooms in the House and then if I select a Room, see only the Furnishings for that Room?

I know i can setup a new page and create a whole different set of widgets with House as the selector for Room but thats another page and another set of widgets. What if “selector” widget had a target of another widget: So House has a selector target of Furnishings and Room has a selector target of Furnishings. (instead of the other way around, which is how its working now)

Maybe there is a way to do this already, another idea would be to have an ALL for the selector widget or allow multiple rows to be selected and reflected in the target widget.

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