Highlight active row/column on selection change

Now working on large tables, highlighting active row/column on selection change would be a really nice to have.

See example:

211107 Excel-highlight-active-row-and-column-on-selection-change

This is possible, albeit painful, in Excel with a macro - would be great to have out of the box in Grist.

Use case is mainly checking boxes (ie boolean value) on large tables, to ensure the right box is checked.

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The row number and column header are shaded slightly darker. Are you saying you need the full row/column highlighted? Can you explain your use case a bit more? Is it more about the row or the column?

Two features that may be helpful for you:

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Thanks for suggesting the “same record linking” approach - it’s a great workaround I didn’t know about!
Really like the fact that on tables with a lot of columns, it enables me to navigate vertically (row selection) and puts the horizontal navigation (column selection) also in a vertical position alongside it.
A little bit confusing though that fields in the card are not ordered the same way as the columns. And that always 2 columns are kept - I’d prefer only having 1 column in the card, so I don’t have to search for the right one with a Z search.

I didn’t mean to have coloured row/column - just extending the slightly darker shade to the actual row/column, not just the headers.

Use case is when selecting a row based on column A, if I want to “check the box” in a column further on the right, it can be difficult to identify exactly which one to check:

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You can edit the card layout.

I think that’s a good idea. Not sure if it should be the default but it would at least fit well as another checkbox under Grid Options alongside “Zebra stripes” etc.


Thanks, very helpful as usual @alexmojaki :slight_smile:

Zebra Stripes is already useful in the meantime :+1: